Online Boat Shopping a Detailed Boat Buying Checklist for Beginning Boaters

The idea of getting in your own boat has mass appeal, and many people new to boating simply budget for the boat, then wonder a few months later why this is such an expensive purchase. Here are some helpful tips from a leading boat listing webite – Take the time to understand all the costs involved and you will enjoy your time on the water with family and friends.
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1. Boating Paperwork – In order to take your family and friends out on the boat, you had better gotten all the paperwork in order. This means getting your license, permits, and insurance. be sure to protect these items on board in a waterproof pouch in case you are asked to show these documents.

2. Marina Fees – If you plan to dock your boat at the marina, be sure to reserve your spot and get the prices for the time you will be staying there. Even if you do not use the boat for a the month, you owe those marina fees each month, so carefully consider the cost to leave it docked or tow the boat home after each trip.

3. Maintenance – Maintaining the boat involves having a skilled mechanic check all the vital parts and tune up the engine so you are not going to have issues miles out at sea. Just like your car, to ensure a safe time on the water the boat much have key points checked periodically during the year.

4. Boating Equipment – Fishing equipment, tow lines, tubes, all cost money. Be sure you incorporate the cost to have fun on the water into the price of the boat.

5. Safety Gear – Safety is a top concern, each person needs a life jacket, and you are required to have other safety equipment on board at all times.

6. Towing Equipment – If you are not going to be leaving the boat at the marina, you will need a trailer to tow the boat home after each trip out.

7. Winterizing – After the season comes to an end, you must have the boat properly winterized so that come spring, you can jump back in the boat without any issues. Whether storing at the marina or home, proper winterizing is essential in extending the life of the boat.

Keep these boating expenditures in mind the day you buy your boat and you will have plenty of cash to go around to cover all the little costs that are surely going to arise during your exciting time as a boat owner.